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Our goal is to replace artificial and partially unstable natural additives in food production, not only improving product quality but also prioritizing consumer health.

 Wide range of extruded vegetables have a variety range of uses: from thickening sauces to improving the quality of baked goods and desserts, such as the classic carrot cake.

Value Proposition


Enhancing the image of clients' brands as companies that care about consumer health and are looking for ways to make their products better and more natural. Рroviding them with: stable, coloring, flavoring ingredients with texture-forming properties from natural vegetables manufactured using our innovative technology.



Innovative natural ingredients that enables Canadian food manufacturers to simultaneously reduce costs and expand the range of natural products to meet today's healthy lifestyle trends.


● Intensity of flavor and color

● Instant product

● Thermal stability of color and taste

● 100% natural composition

● High water and fat absorption

● Thick texture

Why now?


As global health and wellness trends converge with consumers' desires for a more appealing appearance in their food choices, colors from natural materials are becoming increasingly sought after in the food.

According to ADM research, more than 60% of consumers evaluate food products primarily on the basis of color.

Several factors and cultural changes are contributing to the popularity of natural ingredients, including consumer attitudes toward health and wellness and a desire for cleaner and simpler foods and beverages. 

The CAGR of the Canadian natural food coloring market is 5.30%.